Reducing, reusing, recycling

Here at Textile Products we believe it is important to reduce ours and our customers waste. 100% of the products we manufacture at our modern textile recycling plant are able to be reprocessed  by reprocessing into new products.

We are also able to recycle textile waste not manufactured by ourselves to ensure that this doesn’t go to landfill. This includes products made from the below:

·         Wool (including carpet and garments)

·         Cotton

·         Linen, flax, harakeke

·         Jute and cellulose fibres

·         Silk

·         Bamboo

·         Mohair, Cashmere and goat hair

·         Rayon or viscose


·         PET fibres

·         Or a mixture of the above materials


Felt before felt after


recycled foam before recycled foam after

Recycled Foam

Funiture blankets before Furniture blankets after

Furniture Blankets

synthetic hivis before synthetic hivis after

Synthetic Hi Vis


·         Ideally the textile waste is free from all metallic or plastic parts such as buttons, zips. If this isn’t possible we are able to do this for you for a small cost.

·         Contact us by phoning (09) 6366230 or email [email protected] to advise us when you want to drop off your recycling so we can be prepared for you when you arrive.

The textile waste just needs to be in a form that we can put through our machinery without damaging or contaminating it. It needs to be:

1.       Clean of all non textile contaminants (e.g. grease or oil)

2.      Dry and free from strong odours

3.       It must be free of all plastic and metal parts (e.g. buttons, zips, domes and clips)

4.      You will need to arrange to get it delivered to us at Textile Products, 22-24 Miami Parade on Monday to Friday between the hours of 7am to 3pm. If you are delivering over 500kgs of waste, please advise us before delivering

5.      Minimum commercial quantity required to recycle with us is 500kg or more.

If you would like to recycle your textile waste please get in touch.

Find us here:

22-24 Miami Parade, Onehunga, Auckland 1061

Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 16:30 pm Saturday - Sunday CLOSED

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