SEALY New Zealand Limited

The December’13 and January to February 2014 period has seen a significant increase in business here at Sealy NZ. We have been running at record output levels through those months. We want to acknowledge and share our appreciation for the outstanding contribution that you, a key supplier have achieved. As you are well aware, we are a very much a “just in time” manufacturer and it is critical to have a steady and reliable supply chain. As has shown, when demand for our product increases it puts great pressure on you, our supplier to adjust to the increased order demand. You may recall, in the first half of January we had a significant increase in output from one week to the next. The is quite a step change and you managed to deliver to our expectations and requirements. It is testament to the work we have done together, to align our businesses by increasing our communication levels and providing procurement forecasts as best we can. The whole Sealy team thanks you for your sterling effort and looks forward to your contribution to continued expectation of growth ahead.

Onehunga High School

What an amazing community based project, Onehunga High School students Building a house with the support and guidance of the Onehunga One Tree Hill Rotary Club and Habitat for Humanity as the client. We approached local business for help and when we put the idea of the project to Bob Willis of Textile Products he pledged his support. Textile products could see the benefits of how the house build could enhance student learning and improve the life of a deserving family. The wool based insulation supplied by Textile Products is perfect for working with students. It’s easy to install, minimal tools required for cutting and best of all safe with no glass fibres and risk of a rash or itching. We don’t think you could get a better insulation product.

The Building and Construction School

“Textile Products have manufactured Eco Insulation’s New Zealand made ecofleece (sheeps wool) and ecotherm ranges of specialty insulation since 2003. Many tens of thousands of New Zealand properties have had these fantastic products installed by us. The residents of those houses now live in warm, dry, energy efficient and comfortable houses as a result. The Textile team are focussed on sustainable, high quality outputs, and bring an innovative and flexible collaboration with the Eco Insulation team.”

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