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Textile Products is the largest textile waste processing company in NZ

From our beginnings with just four passionate staff members, we’ve grown into a family of 25 textile enthusiasts, stewarding a 36,000 sq. ft. hub of Non-woven textile innovation. At Textile Products, we’re not just about sustainable textile recycling; we’re also about collaborating and tailoring eco-friendly textile solutions that resonate with our clients’ unique visions.

Discover our range of eco-friendly felt materials crafted from recycled fibres, including polyester and wool. Our mechanically bonded needle felts are ideal for applications such as innerspring bed covers, comfort layers in bedding, and efficient filter materials.

Removal Blankets

Our removable blankets, made from recycled clothing and wool, offer superior protection for your valuables. These felted blankets are perfect for safeguarding items during transport, storing furniture to prevent dust accumulation and UV damage, and as reliable carrier blankets. 


Explore our geotextiles, crafted from biodegradable recycled materials such as wool and jute. These felts, available in various widths and thicknesses, are ideal for weed mats and ground stabilisation.


Our polyester insulation, made from recycled materials and conforming to AS4859 standards, is designed for thermal and acoustic efficiency. Available in rolls or batts, it’s perfect for lining walls, ceilings, temperature-controlled packaging, and ducting insulation.

Lofted Waddings

Our diverse range of waddings, including recycled textile wadding, polyester wadding, and natural fibre wadding, are all made from recycled materials. These are ideal for use in duvets, bedspreads, sleeping bags, filter materials, pillows, soft toys, pet beds, and flower packaging. 


Our underlays, composed of recycled wool and carpet materials, are the perfect foundation for your flooring. They offer enhanced comfort and durability under carpets and other floor coverings.

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Quality, affordable, recycled textiles?

Looking for innovative yet affordable and sustainable solutions in textile recycling? Discover our extensive range of eco-friendly products, including geotextiles, insulation materials, and specialised fabrics, all designed with the environment in mind.

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